About Us

Sahyadri’s of Maharashtra have always been queer mountain ranges. Being a part of long and extending Western Ghats, these ranges have found its own significance. They are home of varied flora and fauna and great forts built during various reign of various Rulers; especially during Maratha rule. Sahyadri ranges have personified image. Trekking in these twisting and turning mountains has not just been a sport or an adventure but a culture. Over the years climbing up the great hills and exploring the pinnacles, the forts, the caves and nature has become hobby of many individual trekkers and trekking groups. These ranges provide inexplicable beauty of nature.

TREKATHON 2017 gives opportunity to compete in such a mystique adventurous environment and explore the tricky trails in the mountains. It is a competition with self. It is a challenge that tests you physically and mentally. This is an event which would put every quality of yours into application whether it is your patience or capability to make quick decision. Exploring nature in such a way and viewing the picturesque scenic beauty from the top gives a feeling of great accomplishment and re- energizes the body.

So come and explore this one of a kind event organized by Small Steps Adventures near Panvel-Matheran; at Irshalgad one of the forts in Sahyadri ranges.

About Small Steps Adventures:

Small Steps Adventures is a group of five. The Adventure group was founded, with a purpose to take people out of their comfort zone from ordinary day to day life. The adventure group takes people on the path of exploring nature’s beauty. The purpose is to make aware people of the environment around them which is as much important as humans. Living in this natural environment on the cliffs of mountains or in the dense jungle is a lifetime experience. It simply gives a feeling of happiness and takes you out of the stressed routine life. Small Steps adventures aims to become one of the significant adventure group in the world not only from the business point of view but also spreading the importance of Nature inherited by Earth. It has set up its goals high and achieving them one by one. TREKATHON 2017 is one such event taking closer to realizing its goal.


Our aim is to make people more aware about Tree plantation. so it is a green run towards nature.

Climate change is real it is happening and one needs to be aware and understand the importance of forests. The cities have become concrete jungles. It is about time that people themselves become aware of nature and role it plays. Trekathon brings together the two concepts of an adventure event and understanding the significance of forests and protecting its beauty and natural state.